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It's here! Grab a cuppa, take the weight off and enjoy this Chris Etheridge Production.......


Away at Sutton United is never a pleasant fixture. This time the weather added the extra challenge. Apart from the lead singer of the village people starting on Mike Lax, and their keeper having a real sense of humour failure about a totally fair (but firm) challenge from the Suedinator, they were genera

lly better behaved than usual. But this was because today the football did all the talking!

With Gwyndaf still sat on his sofa in Halesowen the match got under way. The deep heat was still kicking in and soon we found ourselves one down and lucky to escape another. It was time for someone to grab the bull by the horns.....It was the Laxative going straight through them off a corner. One one! Quality crossing was feature of the match, and a spilt cross from Jas was pounced upon by Phil Collins - against all odds - to lash home. Our dominance continued and just before the half debutant Tom Coggan (35 on Thursday!) added a third with some proper twinkle toes. 3-1 at half time.

We knew that all Sutton would have was a colourful vocabulary and a load of bluster and the first twenty minutes of the second half was largely uneventful. But then arrived a hobbit like creature. A full two hours late. The introduction of the wee man seemed to galvanise the troops. Marc Hughes, with the beard and corner ability of an ageing David Beckham, provided inch perfect crosses for Dave Tobin to roll back the years, and Tom Coggan to complete his first brace since he was eleven! Five one and the game had been put to bed. Time for some showboating!

Finding himself a full fifteen yards out, Gwyndaf dropped the shoulder. The defence were convinced he would cross it and somehow there was a one on one situation. A slightly scuffed finish at the near post adding insult to the keeper’s earlier injury. 6-1! But it wasn't over yet. Hobbsey had been warming the keeper up for a while, but after a slick turn and pass from Faz he made no mistake. Seventh heaven! Surely that was it? We couldn't get eight against Sutton. Could we?

In almost a carbon copy of the last round the ball was squared to Fazaldinho a yard out. However this week he opted not to use his shin and this was his mistake. The keeper hobbled across to save tamely. Oh well.

Then came the final whistle, some unwilling handshakes form Sutton and two of the most enjoyable pints in Sutton's far too luxurious clubhouse. There weren't too many comments from them in there!!!


Roll on the semi-final.

Match Report Vs Sutton. 1/4 Final Vets' Cup 2011